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Re: [XTalk] re: DVC etc

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  • Jim West
    ... I have to agree with John. I haven t read it, won t read it and cannot imagine anyone who wants to, read the dreck. The folk at Church who have asked
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 20, 2006
      John E Staton wrote:
      > Zeb wrote: "Most people on this list know I find it sad that church groups are
      > expending any effort at all to debunk a crappy work of fiction -- it
      > strikes me a just a little over-defensive."
      > Speaking as a church minister who *won't* be doing a study course on the Da Vinci code (I have vowed never to read it unless someone forces me to do so by demanding some course on it), I think the other motivation is a matter of jumping on the bandwagon for evangelistic purposes. Not only do course and talks on DVC attract Brown's detractors who want to be confirmed in their opinions, they may also attract some of his *fans* who may not realise they are in for a rubbishing until they get there, and then the organisers may hope to convert them. This will particularly be the case when the film is released. After all, even Hollywood blockbusters that have nothing to do with religion are used in this way - how can one pass up a chance like the film of DVC. However, I will leave the opportunity to someone else in my neighbourhood.
      > Best Wishes
      > JOHN E STATON (BA Sheffield; DipTheol. Bristol)

      I have to agree with John. I haven't read it, won't read it and cannot
      imagine anyone who wants to, read the dreck. The folk at Church who
      have asked about it have been told that they can use their time better
      in other ways and could read things far more worthwhile, like the TV
      guide or sports illustrated to give two examples.

      People are only discussing it because it says Jesus had a wife and baby.
      People love stupidity and so stupid books sell very well.



      Jim West

      http://web.infoave.net/~jwest -- Biblical Studies Resources
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