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RE: [XTalk] On the Physical death of Jesus [long]

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  • John Sabatino
    Of interest to readers might be Hengel s essay Das Begrabnis Jesu bei Paulus and die leibliche Auferstehung aus dem Grabe (pp. 119-83) in Friedrich Avemarie
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 4, 2005
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      Of interest to readers might be Hengel's essay "Das Begrabnis Jesu bei
      Paulus and die leibliche Auferstehung aus dem Grabe" (pp. 119-83) in
      Friedrich Avemarie and Hermann Lichtenberger (eds.), _Auferstehung -
      Resurrection. The Fourth Durham-Tubingen Research Symposium: Resurrection,
      Transfiguration and Exaltation in Old Testament, Ancient Judaism, and Early
      Christianity_ (Tubingen, September, 1999) (WUNT 135; Tubingen: Mohr
      [Siebeck], 2001).

      In it, Hengel argues against Crossan's idea that Jesus was left unburied or
      tossed into a common graveyard for criminals. I have not read this yet, but
      according to Perkins review in CBQ, it is a very thorough treatment of the
      burial accounts.

      There's also a recent JBL article by Jodi Magness entitled "Ossuaries and
      the Burials of Jesus and James" Journal of Biblical Literature; Spring2005,
      Vol. 124 Issue 1, p121, 34p.

      Magness also argues against Crossan's views on the burial or lack thereof -
      particularly his supposition that it is surprising that we would find only
      the one properly buried victim of crucifixion, were this the norm.

      John Sabatino
      Austin, TX

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      >>Not to pick nits, but I believe that the book under review was
      Crossan's Birth of Christianity.<<

      Actually I did mean _Jesus A Revolutionary Biography_. Someone
      had brought up Crossan's assertion (in said book) that Jesus'
      dead body probably served as food for dogs (p. 154), and I
      thought a short side thread followed this up.

      >>For Web's purposes, as noted by Ed Tyler, "... Crossan DOES
      indeed talk about cases in which the Romans turned the bodies of
      execution victims over for burial. He also notes that they are
      not good analogs for the case of Jesus. In THJ and "Who Killed
      Jesus" he makes it quite clear that some victims were buried,
      and places his study of the character of Joseph against that
      background." That makes three books in which Crossan reviews the
      literature on this issue.<<

      It is possible that Crossan dealt with the matter in _The
      Historical Jesus_ (which I don't own a copy of). In
      _Revolutionary Biography_ Crossan seems to have based his
      opinion about what happened to Jesus' dead body on Martin
      Hengel's _Crucifixion in the Ancient World and the Folly of the
      Message of the Cross_ (Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 1977). He
      described Hengel's book as "a catalogue of the writings of
      Greco-Roman authors on the subject of crucifixion."


      Dave Hindley
      Cleveland, Ohio USA

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