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RE: [XTalk] Twelve tribes

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  • Ernest Pennells
    [John C. Poirier] ... with the last name of Saul are presumed to be Benjamites.)
    Message 1 of 11 , Mar 3, 2005
      [John C. Poirier]
      >...some of the tribe names have other connotations: ... (Even today, Jews
      with the
      last name of "Saul" are presumed to be Benjamites.) <

      That makes me wonder whether Paul's claim is no more than a speculative
      deduction from the coincidence of name.

      [Richard Anderson]
      >Josephus, a NT contemporary, in Ant. 18 refers to the tribe of Christians.
      Throughout Ant. and War, Josephus identifies individuals, many non biblical
      by their tribe.<

      I wonder whether Jo's use of TRIBE necessarily carries Biblical implications
      (as you mention from Ant.18). My copy of Jo is still stuck in Vancouver
      waiting for bureaucrats to extractum digitum (the joys of international
      travel), but a quick scan on internet finds the latest use of Biblical
      tribe names in Ant. XI, apart from a passing comment about Levites in

      [Bob Schacht]
      >under Jewish administration (Maccabees?), taxation was apportioned by

      If tribal associations survived that late, it seems unlikely that they
      would be forgotten a couple of generations later. The use of patriarchal
      names did not - of itself - identify tribal membership. A High Priest could
      be called Simeon!

      Two Simeons an two Judahs among the twelve further weakens the option of the
      twelve being in any way a representative tribal council. So, what is
      bugging me is the prospect of tribal associations being alive and well, but
      not reflected in the selection of the twelve if that was intended to
      indicate national renewal. Few members of the twelve are shown to have been
      granted that honour on personal merit.


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