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Re: [XTalk] What use is HJ research?

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  • Bob MacDonald
    ... other details
    Message 1 of 97 , Jan 2, 2005
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      --- In crosstalk2@yahoogroups.com, Bob Schacht <r_schacht@y...> wrote:
      >>he [H Jesus] appears to be mistaken about some aspects of timing or
      other details<<

      In prep for the Ludeman seminar and as a part of my random walk
      through the maze of Xtalk, I am reading Dunn, Christology in the
      Making. I am intrigued by these basic questions from Bob and Liz and
      Loren's well-read responses (though he and I differ on conclusions)-

      There is a question being begged from this dialogue and the first
      half of Dunn's book. Just what is the concept of 'time' in that first
      century? This has to do with our apparent confusion of eschaton with
      apocalyptic - what is 'last' and what is 'to come'? How did
      apocalyptic come to mean future when its primary meaning
      is 'revealing'?

      It is reasonably clear how our Turing-like perception of life easily
      comes to a sequential explanation of our immediate perception of
      time; but today with our realization of the limitations of knowledge
      and the dilation of time in a relativistic framework, how is it we
      allow ourselves come to such simple conclusions about completeness of
      the eschaton in the death and resurrection of Christ?

      The understanding of time in the first century is also related to
      the 'denial of an implied pre-existence of Christ' in Dunn's
      reasoning as I have read so far. It would seem to me that the first
      century and earlier pre-BCE Jewish understanding was reaching for a
      more complete expression of their life experience. So I think this
      has also to bear on our understanding of resurrection. In many NT
      expressions, the gift of the Paraclete is an 'earnest of our
      inheritance' - like receiving the principal amount. Life is more
      extensive than the sequential explanation will allow.

      (BTW does anyone have a read on the image on the cover of Dunn's
      book - a 10th C Pantocrator Icon - I want to know the content of the
      Cyrillic - maybe the first word is IEILLE?A. Looks like HEHLLHUA -
      the U has an extension below the line)


      Bob MacDonald
      researching in Cambridge - 01223 359 060 (if any listers would like
      to meet)
    • John E Staton
      Rick wrote: I wonder what a Galilean Darlek would look like I haven t a clue, but I know what one would *say*: EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE! Incidentally, I
      Message 97 of 97 , Jan 6, 2005
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        Rick wrote: "I wonder what a Galilean Darlek would look like"

        I haven't a clue, but I know what one would *say*:

        Incidentally, I apologise to our wonderful moderator for my earlier use of
        President Bush's favourite weapon: the pre-emotive strike!!

        Best Wishes
        Penistone, Sheffield UK
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