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Re: Apostolic Decree

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  • John E Staton
    Richard wrote: In Galatian 2, Paul pointedly tells us he brought Titus with him to the convention stating And even Titus, my companion, who was Greek, was
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 31, 2004
      Richard wrote:
      "In Galatian 2, Paul pointedly tells us he brought Titus with him to the
      convention stating "And even Titus, my companion, who was Greek, was not
      forced to submit to circumcision." Antioch wanted clarification of this
      issue. Titus represented the new Gentitle Jesus community. Someone in fact
      demanded his circumcision. Gal 2:9 indicates that there was an agreement.
      Schlier has shown that this was a ratification of contract. Thus it is
      difficult to read Galatians as written before the Apostolic Convention."

      On the contrary, the arguments about Titus make more sense before that
      Convention, because no agreement had then been reached. I have no problem
      with 2: 9 being a covenant: this only serves to explain why Paul argued so
      sharply with the people fropm Jerusalem in Acts 15. He had a covenat
      agreement with the "pillar apostles" behind him, and these people were
      ignoring it! This appears to be a private conversation and a private
      agreement, the news of which did not spread too far. Doubtless James hoped
      that, as Paul visited Jerusalem so rarely, he need not cause trouble by
      raising the matter among his followers, and hoped that what went on in
      Antioch wouldn't become known to them. It appears he made a miscalculation.
      The incident in 2: 11ff looks like something that happened before the
      Council of Jerusalem, as the issue would seem to be one that the Apostolic
      Decree had cleared up. Galatians 2 only looks like Acts 15 if you want it
      to. The differences are more evident than the similarities. But the
      reference to "remembering the poor" does remind one of teh famine relief
      visit in Acts 11. Of course, Luke doesn't relate a meeting with the
      apostles. It would have lessened the dramatic effect of his account of the
      Council of Jerusalem, and added little to our knowledge that Acts 15 doesn't
      tell us. But for Paul, who makes such a point of relating every visit to
      Jerusalem in Galatians 1-2 to omit a visit would be very odd.

      Best Wishes

      Penistone, Sheffield UK
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