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Re: [XTalk] Special "Book Talk" Threads

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  • Bob Schacht
    ... Loren, I think its a nice idea, but I don t think we should confine or define its length (e.g. one month). I think we should let the present thread run as
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 25, 2004
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      At 05:05 AM 10/25/2004, Loren Rosson wrote:
      >List members --
      >Given the nice discussion which has arisen out of
      >Steve's book, I'm wondering if it would be profitable
      >to devote a "Book Talk" thread every month to a book
      >which has either distinguished itself in some special
      >way or encourages one to think outside the box more
      >than the usual (whether for better or worse). The
      >following examples (after #1) come to mind off the top
      >of my head:
      >1. Jesus the Healer, by Steve Davies. Is the
      >phenomenon of spirit-possession a key to unlocking HJ?

      I think its a nice idea, but I don't think we should confine or define its
      length (e.g. one month). I think we should let the present thread run as
      long as it has steam.

      The real question is about transitioning to the next. Since your #2
      suggestion below has an author not on this list, there needs to be someone
      who "carries the ball" on it. The way that has worked in the past is for
      someone to pose a provocative question from the book, and then for those
      who have read the book to field questions and responses. I realize that you
      have expressed interest numerous times in Herzog's book; if you're willing,
      when the conversation about Davies' book wanes, you can have a go at
      Herzog, if you want. However, this list as you know will follow only if it
      gets interested, so you can't just assume that people will follow. (Hint:
      The best way to start a discussion on this list is to quote an interesting
      paragraph, and then ask an interesting question about it.)


      >2. Parables as Subversive Speech, by William Herzog.
      >Are the codifications of Paulo Freire useful parallels
      >to Jesus' parables? How "real" are the referents in
      >the parables?
      >3. The Case Against Q, by Mark Goodacre. Is Q a
      >mirage? Are the arguments for Q circular or equally
      >explainable on the assumption that Luke knew Matthew?
      >4. Saint Saul: Skeleton Key to the Historical Jesus,
      >by Donald Akenson. Can Paul tell us more about HJ than
      >usually assumed?
      >5. Drudgery Divine, by Jonathan Smith (as recently,
      >and aggressively, suggested by Bill Arnal). How
      >comparable is early Christianity to the mystery
      >It's an added bonus if the author happens to be a
      >list-member (as in 1. and 3.) but it wouldn't be
      >necessary. I think this would be a good way of getting
      >people to read those books they've never gotten around
      >to -- and so Bill won't need to threaten certain
      >people at gunpoint anymore. :)
      >What do others think?
      >Loren Rosson III
      >Nashua NH
      >"In the natural sciences a person is remembered for his best idea; in the
      >social sciences he is remembered for his worst."
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      Robert M. Schacht, Ph.D.
      Northern Arizona University
      Flagstaff, AZ

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