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Re: [XTalk] Christ-like 'fallacy'?

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  • Jack Kilmon
    ... From: mollymowler To: Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 2004 10:05 AM Subject: [XTalk] Christ-like
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      Subject: [XTalk] Christ-like 'fallacy'?

      > Forgive me for intruding on the excellent dialogue on Festinger and
      > Wright, but I need some help.
      > I have to prepare a sermon for the weekend on 'being more like
      > Christ.'
      > My position on this is that it is a fallacy that is preached so
      > often in Church, and seems to me quite illogical. We know that we
      > cannot be 'more like Christ' in terms of omnipotence, omnisicence,
      > etc., so what's left? To be more loving, kind, generous, empathetic,
      > etc? But just because we have 'good days' where we've been a little
      > better than the day before doesn't, IMHO, make us any more like
      > Christ than before!
      > I'm not aware of any scripture that emphatically states that we
      > should become 'more Christ-like'. Okay, Paul tells us to grow in the
      > grace and knowledge of Jesus...' but does this mean the same thing?
      > And what about the context in which this is stated? Are there
      > elements of anachronism and ethnocentrism on exactly what 'Christ-
      > like' might even mean in various social settings as we in the
      > western world percieve 'Christ-likedness'?
      > Does anyone have any recommendations of good theological articles
      > from contemporary (or otherwise) theologians who have addressed this
      > issue? I've scoured most sites like the Context Group, NT Gateway,
      > etc., to see if anyone has written about this, but nothing seems
      > around, even from Bishop Spong! Only the usual endless websites
      > churning out cliches and guilt-trip urgings to be good, do good, etc.
      > Crosstalk is brilliant and clearly has fantastic theological minds
      > as contributors. It is balanced, rational, contemporary and a great
      > place to learn for a 'novice' theologian like me (I'm currently
      > doing a BA in biblical interpretation).
      > Any offers of help on this subject -- or even pointers -- gratefully
      > accepted!
      > James Hammond
      > Pastor, Worldwide Church of God, Ramsey, United Kingdom

      Aren't you asking the same question that the young man asked of Rabbis
      Shammai and Hillel and which the historical non-Christological Jesus
      succinctly paraphrased?

      .In Jesus' own words (the Aramaic always sounds better to me):

      Kul ma deTSObeyn anTHON deneBADon leKON BEYnay aNASHa hoKANo awp anTHON
      eBADo leHON hoNO

      ALL that which you desire that should be done to you (by) the sons of men
      thus also you do to them.

      Seems to me that Jesus is saying the whole thing is about NOT being a BUTT!
      Come to think of it, that was the message of his whole ministry. Must have
      been a lot of butts around in those days.

      Of course, I remember my first trip to the Old City of Jerusalem.
      Naturally, the first place I went was to the Temple Mount and upon
      approaching the wailing wall there were some Hasids really acting like
      butts. I then went up on the mount to the Dome and there were some
      Palestinians really acting like butts. I said "to heck with it" and went
      over to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and sure enough, there were some
      Armenian monks acting like butts. It finally came to me that maybe a lot of
      things there would be better if everyone stopped being butts. Think Jesus
      had the same idea?

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