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Bar Kochba on TV

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  • Jim West
    Listers may find this of interest: ANCIENT REFUGE IN THE HOLY LAND On Television Tuesday, November 30, 8pm ET/PT on NOVA
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2004
      Listers may find this of interest:

      <center><strong>ANCIENT REFUGE IN THE HOLY LAND</strong></center>

      On Television Tuesday, November 30, 8pm ET/PT on NOVA (PBS)-- (I realize
      this is a bit early, but if you are like me, the further in advance you
      hear of these things, the more likely you'll schedule time to watch them.)

      PBS describes the program thusly:

      <em>In a gloomy cave perched high in a canyon near the Dead Sea,
      archaeologists made a startling discovery in 1960: a bag containing letters
      written on papyrus nearly two thousand years ago. The letters were written
      by one of the great figures of Jewish history, the rebel Bar-Kokhba, who
      led a heroic guerilla uprising against the Romans. Now Biblical scholar
      Richard Freund returns to the cave with the latest archaeological
      techniques, hoping to find more traces of Bar-Kokhba's epic struggle.
      NOVA is produced for PBS by the WGBH Boston Science Unit. The director of
      the WGBH Science Unit and senior executive producer of NOVA is Paula S.
      Apsell. Funding for NOVA is provided by the Park Foundation, Sprint, and
      Microsoft. For more visit NOVA on the Web at www.pbs.org/nova. </em>

      Jim West, ThD
      Pastor, First Baptist Church Petros
      http://web.infoave.net/~jwest Biblical Studies Resources
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