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RE: [XTalk] Casting Doubt on the Dead Sea Scroll

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  • David C. Hindley
    Jim, ... http://www.kansascity.com/mld/kansascity/living/8900874.htm?1c
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 12, 2004

      >>Listers will certainly want to look at this


      So, are you fer it or agin it? IMHO, the article clearly has an axe to
      grind, as if a BCE dating of the Isaiah scroll (and the DSS in general)
      posses some sort of threat that must be neutralized at any cost. The
      argumentation employed by the author is full of holes.

      On the other hand, in A Powell Davies' _The Meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls_
      (Mentor, 1956, page 19) there are found representations of 9 cryptic looking
      symbols found in the margins of the Isaiah scroll (and possibly others, a
      footnote makes it unclear). These look, to me anyhow, a bit like the cryptic
      symbols found in modern reproductions of medieval magical manuscripts, but I
      cannot even hazard a guess whether they might be examples of ancient
      precursors of the medieval symbols or "proof" that the scrolls are of
      medieval origin. Davies complained that "certain scholars have rather
      shockingly suggested that they are just 'doodlings.'"" Personally, I wonder
      if they were not jotted there by the early scroll examiners. After all,
      modern critical editions are chock full of medieval and Arabic letters used
      as reference symbols. I'd better duck and run on that one ... (it's just a

      Also, was not one of the cryptic scrolls written using symbols that were a
      mixture of Greek and Semitic letters?

      Just out of curiosity, what kind of research has been done into these
      cryptic symbols in general? Where might one find representations of them,
      especially with commentary (in English)?


      Dave Hindley
      Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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