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[crosstalk2] Re: Drastic Measures

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  • Jeffrey B. Gibson
    ... Mark, Thanks for your message. I had already thought about the solution you offer above before I made my proposal about e-groups to the Crosstalk list but
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      Mark Goodacre wrote:

      > I agree that something does need to be done and I repent aspects of my message
      > of a while ago about not abandoning Crosstalk. Over the weekend (when I was
      > away from my computer) I decided to do precisely that. Jeffrey's suggestion
      > about moving everyone over to a group with a new host is probably a good one,
      > and I am grateful to him for forcing the issue -- it needed to be done. One or
      > two questions about the arrangement that I think need to be thought-through:
      > (1) Should we not attempt first to speak to Harper Collins? It may be that
      > they would be happy to allow a couple of nominated moderators. Or, equally,
      > they might be happy to allow egroups to host (existing) Crosstalk. If the
      > latter, we could stay linked to the existing web archive and could continue to
      > call ourselves "Crosstalk". I would be happy to write to our existing contacts
      > in HarperCollins. They have been helpful at various points over the last year
      > or so. We certainly ought to contact them at least to tell them what has
      > happened.


      Thanks for your message. I had already thought about the solution you offer above
      before I made my proposal about e-groups to the Crosstalk list but decided not to
      pursue it for a couple of reasons. First, it had been proposed before to negative
      response. There was some fear expressed that to alert HC to what was going on might
      cause them to shut the list down instead of allowing it to be moderated. Second, it
      seemed to me that if Crosstalk were to survive, let alone to get back on track,
      something needed to be done quickly. But previous experience (was it yours?) with
      trying to contact someone live at HC, let alone actually to get them to do
      anything, showed that it might be weeks before we'd get a response from them. So,
      with the approval of what I took to be representative voices of the Crosstalk
      membership, I decided to do what is now a done deal and "move" the List to it's new
      incarnation. It is, of course, not an irreversible move. So far as I can tell, only
      a few who are on Crosstalk2 have unsubscribed to Crosstalk. So if we *were* abel to
      get HC to allow moderation, there would not be much of an inconvenience to
      Crosstalk2 members -- save for some of the old guard who left Crosstalk some time
      ago, but who have now subscribed to Crosstalk2, and for the absolutely new
      subscribers who were never on Crosstalk in the first place.

      But then we'd have to face (what I take to be) the fact (corrections on this matter
      are welcome) that some of the current subscribers to both Lists (Crosstalk and
      Crosstalk2) *want* to have *both* a moderated and an unmoderated Crosstalk,
      especially if moderators on Crosstalk2 are serious in enforcing the protocols that
      are posted in the welcome message and the List description..

      > (2) What is the relationship between Crosstalk2 and Jim West's Historical
      > Jesus group? Both are hosted by egroups and both have very similar list
      > descriptions: "A moderated electronic forum dedicated to the discussion of
      > critical questions surrounding the Historical Jesus and the Origins of
      > Christianity" and "a moderated academic e-list dedicated to the scholarly
      > discussion and evaluation of critical questions surrounding the life,
      > influence, teaching,and theology of Jesus of Nazareth" respectively. I joined
      > Jim's group last week when I saw the decline of Crosstalk but wonder what the
      > point of having two such similar groups is? Shouldn't we just go for one or
      > the other? If I have a Jesus question, would I post it to both lists?

      This is a tricky one -- and because I'm pressed for time right now, will have to
      answer later.

      > (3) If we do go forward with Crosstalk2, I would personally like to see
      > moderators nominated (by the members) and voted-for. E-groups has a facility
      > to poll members so it would be easy to implement.

      I would, too. But out of necessity I took the task upon my self, and then asked the
      help of Jack Kilmon, Bob Schacht, and Stever Davies. Let me state here that I have
      no vital interest in staying on as moderator -- my interest is just that the List
      be moderated.

      Moreover, the most important point is not who is moderator but what are are
      protocols for moderation. If we officially adopt the protocols I posted in the
      welcome message and List description, then there are some people from the old guard
      on the List who, if they remain the dear old curmudgeons that they are, will
      quickly be called on to the carpet.

      > But most immediately, does everyone agree at least that we ought to write to
      > HarperCollins? If so, would you be happy for me to do this?

      By all means do so. But for now, we do have a List that is free of members with
      delusions of grandeur.


      Jeffrey B. Gibson
      7423 N. Sheridan Road #2A
      Chicago, Illinois 60626
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