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Re: [XTalk] Dating Luke-Acts (Raynal)

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  • Gordon Raynal
    ... Hi Mike, Of course it s not an account of the ministry of the living Jesus, but a.) I m not quite sure why you want to simply clump Gnostics as
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 27, 2004
      >--- Gordon Raynal wrote:
      >> I'm not quite sure why you don't think G.Mary doesn't count as
      >> "accounts of the things fulfilled among us," ...
      >Because it simply isn't an account of "the things fulfilled among
      >us". It's the typical post-resurrection Gnostic dialogue-with-the-
      >Savior stuff that has almost nothing in common with Luke's narrative
      >(not even with his own post-resurrection appearances) except some
      >familiar names. So when Luke writes, in effect, "Let me try my hand
      >at what these other folks have been doing", the "other folks" he had
      >in mind must have written something like what he ended up writing.
      >It should be self-evident to anyone familiar with GMary that it
      >isn't anything like what Luke ended up writing, hence could not
      >have been one of the "accounts" of J's life that he had in mind to

      Hi Mike,

      Of course it's not an account of the ministry of the living Jesus, but a.)
      I'm not quite sure why you want to simply clump "Gnostics" as universally
      only interested in terms of non-mortal/ or the appearance thereof,
      communication. G.John was highly favored among the Gnostics and even though
      extant Thomas is framed the way it is, the greater bulk of the sayings very
      much come from Jesus talking on the ground (whether his feet touched it or
      not;)!). For such as G. Mary it's Jesus who she is having visionary
      conversations with! Although such a piece of literature isn't interested in
      detailing mortal (or the appearance thereof) encounters the whole framing
      does point back to a person however ontically defined. b.) Luke, too, is
      interested in post death communication. And as I tie Acts to the same author
      his work provides some clear markers in terms of the Jewish calendar for the
      resurrected Jesus' accompanying the disciples as resurrected Lord among them
      and he tells the one story after this, the one of Paul's encounter, not in
      the same way as he tells of the resurrected Jesus being with the disciples,
      but rather in terms of classical TANAK theophany language. Such works to
      stand against the view of equating "visionary" experience with the 40 day
      resurrection experiences. This, if you will, "orders" the relationship
      between the resurrection encounters and other sorts of encounters. I think
      the concern to do this precisely shows concern over the sort of gospelling
      we see going on in G. Mary. As it's only really fragmentary it doesn't
      provide for much layered analysis. Perhaps there was an early and later
      edition of G. Mary, but I think Luke very much has G. Mary in view.

      Gordon Raynal
      Inman, SC
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