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Re: [XTalk] Re: Turin shroud - the mystery continues

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  • Horace Jeffery Hodges
    ... Actually Jeffery. ... http://www.iop.org/EJ/journal/JOptA
    Message 1 of 8 , Apr 14, 2004
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      Tim Smith <timsgolf@...> wrote:


      Actually "Jeffery."

      >You have to drill down to it. Start here:


      Thanks. That seems to be a differen website that the
      one that I originally accessed. I found an abstract,
      which I read and found interesting, but no images.

      Jeffery Hodges


      Assistant Professor Horace Jeffery Hodges [Ph.D., History, U.C. Berkeley]
      Department of English Language and Literature
      Korea University
      136-701 Anam-dong, Seongbuk-gu
      South Korea


      Sun-Ae Hwang and Horace Jeffery Hodges
      Seo-Dong 125-2
      Shin-Dong-A, Apt. 102-709
      447-710 Kyunggido, Osan-City
      South Korea

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