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Re: FW: Letter About "The Passion" from Mark Komrad

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  • Mike McLafferty
    ... Novelist Mary Gordon wrote an Op-Ed essay in the NYTimes entitled, For One Catholic, Passion Skews the Meaning of the Crucifixion (February 28, 2004,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2004
      Brian Trafford wrote (3/4/2004, 8:34 am):

      > [...] I suppose if someone wishes to make the case that
      > the Gospels themselves are anti-Semitic (as does
      > Crossan for example), then we can proceed on that basis.
      > But to level such a charge against this film is unwarranted,
      > especially since no real evidence is presented by any who
      > have made this charge (including Komrad in this review)
      > that any Christians have viewed The Passion as an anti-
      > Semitic screed.

      ...and repeated later (3/4/2004, 10:47 am):

      > [...] Moreover, Komrad does not offer any evidence that
      > any Christian seeing this movie came away from it with a
      > negative view of Jews.

      Novelist Mary Gordon wrote an Op-Ed essay in the NYTimes entitled, "For One
      Catholic, 'Passion' Skews the Meaning of the Crucifixion" (February 28,
      2004, http://tinyurl.com/35b96 )

      In it she mentioned an example of such 'evidence':

      > I understand that people of good faith might be moved
      > by the film. I was in Boston the day of the premiere, Ash
      > Wednesday. A woman interviewed on local television
      > said that she thought the movie was not about violence
      > but about love, that when she saw Jesus' struggle with his
      > cross, she saw her own. A minute later, though, a woman
      > with ashes on her forehead looked into the camera and
      > said, "At least we know who really killed Jesus, and I
      > don't have to say who."

      Then there was Pastor Maurice Gorden of Denver's Lovingway [sic] United
      Pentecostal Church, who (admittedly in response to the movie) used his
      church's marquee the day it opened to proclaim, "'JEWS KILLED THE LORD
      JESUS' 1 THESS. 2:14,15 !SETTLED!" ( http://tinyurl.com/386ml ), until
      community outrage prompted its removal.

      Michael McLafferty
      Portland, Oregon, USA
      (no affiliation)
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