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Re: News of the "Passion"

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  • Mike Grondin
    ... Agreed. ... I m not sure what counts as a supporter , but in any case there s no indication in the text that this crowd consisted solely or primarily of
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 5, 2004
      --- Jan Sammer wrote:
      > ... "all the people" at 27:25 cannot be understood otherwise than
      > "everyone present." The author cannot have intended it to refer to
      > all Jewry and all future generations as it has unfortunately been
      > interpreted in the past.


      > He speaks only of the particular group gathered in front of
      > Pilate's residence, consisting of the priests, the elders and
      > their supporters, the Temple establishment one might call them.

      I'm not sure what counts as a "supporter", but in any case there's
      no indication in the text that this crowd consisted solely or
      primarily of such folks. Furthermore, the extent of Matthew's
      broadly condemnatory attitude is revealed by another kind of
      argument at 23:29-36, where he's addressing scribes and Pharisees
      (if these also are Temple "supporters" in your view, then I guess
      that word would include almost all Judaeans - thus making your
      interpretation of the sentencing scene unfalsifiable because
      uninterestingly tautological). There, he argues that _anyone_ who
      persecutes Christians is calling down upon themselves "the guilt of
      all the righteous blood shed on earth". So I don't think that the
      author's condemnation was restricted to the Temple establishment,
      much as your exclusive focus on one factor would have it so.

      Mike Grondin
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