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Re: [XTalk] nt wright website

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  • Bob Schacht
    ... Thanks, Jim. There is a direct connection to this list to be found there. A bit of Ancient History: During February of 1996, a group of scholars was
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 31, 2003
      At 12:36 PM 10/30/2003 -0500, you wrote:
      >Hello listers,
      >you might like to look at
      >which is a page with nt wright materials. about half way down is a section
      >of audio clips and such that you can listen to. i recommend you go to the
      >"evil" lecture. it is really excellent.

      Thanks, Jim. There is a direct connection to this list to be found there.
      A bit of Ancient History: During February of 1996, a group of scholars was
      convened under the heading, "Jesus at 2000," counting from the consensus
      year of the birth of Jesus (4 BC). The original videoconference lasted
      several days, and featured John Dominic Crossan, Marcus Borg, Harvey Cox,
      and others. The videoconference was hosted by HarperCollins, and as an
      afterthought they set up an e-mail discussion group following the
      conference that had an interesting two-tiered format. The top tier
      consisted of a Triumvirate of debaters, including Crossan and Borg. But
      because there had been criticism that the original group had been tilted
      towards liberals, Luke Timothy Johnson was invited to join Crossan and
      Borg. During Lent, 1996, they took turns writing a lead essay at the
      beginning of each week, followed that week by responses from the other two.
      Thus, the plan was that during the 6 weeks of Lent, each scholar would
      contribute two lead essays and 4 responding essays. Thus the top tier.

      The second tier consisted of the hoi polloi; I joined in the second week.
      The essays of the top tier debaters were sent to all of the second tier
      subscribers, who could debate among themselves on the list, but could not
      ask questions of the principles. HarperCollins subsequently published some
      account of this exchange, I believe.

      As a sequel to this e-mail debate, HarperCollins hosted a shorter
      videoconference. Wright, Crossan and Luke Timothy Johnson were invited
      back, and in addition, Tom Wright was invited. Finally, and perhaps as
      a gesture towards inclusiveness towards women, Dierdre Good was invited.
      This videoconference was entitled, "The conversation continues," and a
      transcript of this videoconference is on the website at

      However, note that this is the XTalk website, not Tom Wright's website,
      even though a link for it may be found on the web site about Wright
      provided by Jim from Goodacre's fabulous website.

      I saw this videoconference, too. Wright was energetic and assertive; Borg
      looked like he was suffering from jet lag or heartburn or something, and
      was not at his best. Crossan was typical Crossan. Good seemed somewhat
      nonplussed by the whole thing. But judge for yourselves.


      Robert M. Schacht, Ph.D., Research Associate
      Northern Arizona University
      Flagstaff, AZ
      (928) 527-4002

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