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  • Bob Schacht
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    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2003
      Forwarded from another list:

      >From: "Roger Pearse" <roger_pearse@...>
      >Date: Sat, 04 Oct 2003 20:18:21 -0000
      >Subject: [ecchst-l] Re: Fathers in English translation
      >Reply-To: ecchst-l@yahoogroups.com
      >...People may also be interested in the Tertullian Project site,
      ><<http://www.tertullian.org>http://www.tertullian.org>. I'm gathering
      >whatever I can find about
      >the man, in whatever language, and shoving it online.
      >At this instant I'm scanning the Oxford Movement translation, done by
      >Lewis Carroll's dad Charles Dodgson in 1842. (This series of
      >translations into English I suspect of having a number of useful
      >versions of works not otherwise available; I'm trying to track them
      >down at the moment.)
      >I've also got a set of photographs of the Balliol College manuscript,
      >Codex Balliolensis 79 (s.XV), which I was allowed to make last month,
      >and have outline permission to place online. Critical editions are
      >all very well, but seeing the manuscript witnesses for the text must
      >be better. However Lambeth Palace Library have just refused to allow
      >me to photograph their 1494 Locatellus edition of Tertullian; and the
      >Law Society have done likewise with their 1494 Scinzinzeler. Neither
      >will allow me to record the book; neither will record it themselves;
      >both are willing to take a sum of money off me to have it done
      >professionally -- a sum so huge neither is willing to mention it
      >without a formal quote. Fortunately there are other copies of the
      >Locatellus, while I learn that some of the Italian libraries that
      >hold the Scinzinzeler may not be so obscurantist.
      >As soon as web providers start offering large amounts of disk space,
      >I'll put the complete 1545 edition online in bitmap form, which I
      >photographed at Norwich cathedral a couple of years ago. So, plenty
      >still to come!
      >All the best,
      >Roger Pearse

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