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Re: [XTalk] Re: The Coin in the Fish

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  • Karel Hanhart
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      > Antonio Jerez says:
      > >>The "sons of kings" are certainly Christians but Matthew has in mind
      > jewish-christians and gentile-christians. Secondly the Christians are not
      > "sons of king Jesus" but sons of God the Father. The KING here is the
      > Father, not Jesus.<<

      David Hundley said:
      > NOW the subject of the type of tax being referenced, the annual temple tax
      > (paid by each eligible individual, i.e., a per-capita tax), becomes
      > relevant. What kind of "earthly king(dom)" is collecting the temple-tax?
      > it not the temple hierarchy in the name of the "ethnos" of the Jews? The
      > "ethnos" of the Jews (originally ruled by Archelaus but after 6 CE
      > apparently by the High Priest) was a legal entity officially recognized by
      > the emperors that allowed Diaspora Jews the right to assemble according to
      > their customs, operate their own courts, and send temple-tax and other
      > money to Jerusalem unmolested. In Jesus' time the Temple organization
      > as its operational center.
      > By PAYING the temple-tax, Jesus was, in effect, saying that he and Peter
      > were NOT sons of that kingdom, that is, they are NOT Jews (as all
      > Jews anywhere in the empire were subjects to the "ethnos" of the Jews).
      > saying then becomes recognizable as one formed as it is at a point after
      > Christians stopped thinking of themselves as Jews. The didrachma in the
      > fish's mouth tells us that to the author of Matthew, the Christian
      > (symbolized by the fish) has superceded the ethnos of the Jews (symbolized
      > by the coin). The fish has grasped hold of the coin, subjugating it to
      > itself.


      I rather think that Matthew is reflecting the post-70 situation of the
      between synagogue and ecclesia. The inner circle of the ecclesia was still
      (= First century Jews) although Gentiles were admitted upon their
      baptism but wouldnot consider themselves Judean. The difference
      with the synagogue is that Gentiles admitted to the synaghogue were
      circumcised and
      as such sonsidered to be part of the Judean people. The temple tax
      was levied on Jews by the Roman ruler. It appears to me that Gentiles within
      the ecclesia were wondering whether they too had to pay the temple tax.
      Jesus' answer, directed primarily to Peter, seems to imply:
      Simon: I am a Judean, you are a Judean - so you pay the tax that was
      in the fish (ichthus). Wouldnot that make sense?


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