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[XTalk] Earliest Schisms (was Re: Burial in a tomb?

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    In a message dated 1/12/3 1:50:35 AM, Mike wrote:
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      In a message dated 1/12/3 1:50:35 AM, Mike wrote:

      <<the political intrigue between family and
      followers that ensued. (Too bad we don't have such a text for

      It is my off the cuff understanding that this intrigue caused the split
      between the modern day Sunnis and Shiites. The mormans went through a
      similar split between the Salt Lakers and the Reformed. This phenomenon of
      early splits between family and devotees interests me, though I have not
      found more of this.
      that it did not happen in Christianity may be due to the servant ethic
      from the original teaching. We see Peter sharing power in a very
      uncharacteristic way for those in comparative positions (the earliest Caliphs
      and B. Young), we see him giving the family a little of the glory and yet
      taking rebuke from upstarts and yet still in good graces with said upstarts
      We do have a text, or a group of them, and they show that this phenomenon
      was potentially divisive, but largely averted.

      Bill Foley
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