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historiography symposium

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  • William Arnal
    Hey everyone: Jeffrey s announcement of two further Crosstalk seminars, one with Dale Allison (which is SO cool -- thanks for this Jeffrey, and all the work
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2002
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      Hey everyone:

      Jeffrey's announcement of two further Crosstalk "seminars," one with Dale
      Allison (which is SO cool -- thanks for this Jeffrey, and all the work you
      continually do to keep this list interesting; this is REAL academic
      service), reminded me that I meant to announce to folks that:

      John Kloppenborg has organized a symposium for March 7, in Toronto, on
      historiographical *subtexts* in HJ scholarship, with specific reference to
      1) the Jewishness of Jesus; and 2) apocalypticism and Jesus. The basic
      premise is that both of these "hot issues" are hot precisely because
      something is at stake. So the question is: what, precisely, *is* it that's
      at stake that makes these such important, controversial, and often quite
      polarized matters. I will be speaking on the Jewishness issue, along with
      Amy-Jill Levine (who in addition to being a fine scholar, is about the best
      public speaker I have EVER heard) and Paula Fredriksen. On the
      apocalypticism issue, the speakers are Dale Allison, Robert Miller, and John
      Marshall (who, unlike the other two, y'all might not have heard of -- he's a
      younger scholar, my generation really, a Princeton grad working at U of
      Toronto, who has just published a fine book on the Apocalypse of John). I
      think this could be a really interesting session, and if anyone out there is
      close enough to Toronto to make it, I encourage you to do so. Should be fun.
      If anything of note occurs, I will be sure to report back, in any case.

      William Arnal
      Department of Religious Studies
      University of Regina
      Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 0A2

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