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* Other Ossuaries, possible coverups of archaeological evidences?

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  • Deborah
    I am wondering in light of Rochelle Altmann s recent analysis of the supposed James Ossuary if it wasn t handled and packaged as well since a silent verdict
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2002
      I am wondering in light of Rochelle Altmann's recent
      analysis of the supposed James Ossuary if it wasn't
      handled and packaged as well since a silent verdict
      has been reached with respect to authenticity?

      Perhaps the real evidence lies in the dusty storeroom
      of the Israel Archaeological Authority as mentioned in
      the following link below.

      Maybe Rochelle Altmann or other professionals on this
      list have access to the details surrounding the finds
      described at this site:


      ..."To their surprise, the research took hardly any
      time and, in a very matter of fact way, they were
      directed to the Israel Archaeological Authority
      storeroom, to meet with the curator Baruk Brendel. The
      Jesus ossuary was soon brought to their attention,
      along with the collection of ossuaries from the same
      family tomb. Not only the ossuary of Jesus son of
      Joseph, but those of his parents and siblings,
      together with another associated casket, inscribed
      with the name Matthew.

      Although all devoid of bones, it was explained that
      the Jewish law in this regard is very strict in
      Israel. When bones, or artifacts containing bones, are
      archaeologically discovered, the bones have to be
      sensitively reburied by the authorities, even though
      their containers may be separately removed. By 1996,
      however, the original burial site had become quite
      inaccessible beneath a large new apartment block.

      The stunning news hit the British press on Sunday 31st
      March 1996, with front-page headlines and a lengthy
      feature article in The Sunday Times, entitled "The
      Tomb that dare not speak its Name."

      Deborah D'Amico

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