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Re: [XTalk] Siblings of Jesus?

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  • Ted Weeden
    ... we ... antecedents ... refer ... more ... Fair enough, Bob! I apologize for any gratuitous insults with regard to piety. I consider myself a person of
    Message 1 of 10 , Oct 31, 2002
      Bob Schacht wrote on Thursday, October 31, 2002:

      > At 04:18 PM 10/31/2002 -0600, Ted Weeden wrote:
      > >Mark Goodacre wrote Thursday, October 31, 2002 :
      > >
      > >3:22 PM
      > >Subject: Re: [XTalk] Fortunately James and not Jesus
      > >
      > >
      > > > On 31 Oct 2002 at 6:40, Ted Weeden wrote:
      > > >
      > > > > In the end, whether the "James" ossuary and its inscription is
      > > > > authentic or not contributes nothing to either the fact or fiction
      > > > > do not already know about the historical Jesus and his family. At
      > > > > most what is at stake in the final decision for or against
      > > > > authenticity is the piety of those who believe in the perpetual
      > > > > virginity of Mary.
      > > >
      > > > I'm not even sure if this is true, is it? Those who believe in the
      > > > perpetual virginity of Mary know that the NT refers several times to
      > > > brothers of Jesus, and twice to sisters.
      > >
      > >But Mark, don't they do mental gymnastics and their pietistic eyes see
      > >cousins when the NT text states brothers and sisters?
      > >
      > >Ted
      > It is necessary in this circumstance to take a look not just at the words
      > and their translations but also the kinship system of the people involved,
      > and the fact that kinship terminology in Greek may mask Aramaic
      > that have a different semantic range.
      > Furthermore, one must reckon with figurative uses of the term amply
      > demonstrated. But let's stick to non-figurative usage.
      > It was and is a fairly common practice for terms like "brother" and
      > "sister" to have collateral referents in addition to what we think of.
      > So, for example, in OT Hebrew, 'ben (son) could refer to any male
      > descendant in the same lineage, and 'ah (brother) could refer to any male
      > member of the same clan (mishpah --sorry for liberties taken with
      > orthography due to lack of diacritics), according to C.J.H. Wright
      > ("Family," Anchor Bible Dictionary). So it is simple ethnocentrism to
      > to kinship terminologies other than our own as requiring "mental
      > gymnastics" requiring "pietistic eyes," not to mention gratuitous insults
      > towards people of faith.
      > I do not mean the above to be definitive-- I know there are better and
      > precise studies of Aramaic kinship terminology in First Century Palestine,
      > but the point is that before we assume "brother" and "sister" to mean the
      > same to them as to us, let's have a look at how they actually used the
      > terms, without making ethnocentric assumptions.

      Fair enough, Bob! I apologize for any gratuitous insults with regard to
      piety. I consider myself a person of piety and know that from the
      perspective of piety I would like often to claim more in faith than my
      rational, empirical mind per se will allow. So I, too, see things with
      pietistic eyes.

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