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Re: [XTalk] "Facts"? of history?

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  • Bob Schacht
    ... OK, I agree, if I understand the double negative correctly. Bob
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 20, 2002
      At 10:35 PM 9/20/2002 +0000, laymantwo wrote:
      >Let me try and put it this way. I admire Sanders focus on "actions" or
      >"events" in Jesus' (or his follower's) life -- such as his crucifixio
      >or the lack of a Roman persecution of his followers -- rather than
      >focusing only on reconstructed "sayings."
      >I said nothing about "contamination" or "interpretation." What I
      >find unpersuasive is the idea that we cannot develop any reliable
      >conclusions about historical events or persons.
      >C.E. Price
      >Los Angeles, California

      OK, I agree, if I understand the double negative correctly.

      >--- In crosstalk2@y..., "Robert M. Schacht" <r_schacht@y...> wrote:
      > > The myth seems to persist that there are "facts" of history
      > > by any reconstruction or interpretation, especially concerning the
      > > Historical Jesus. There may be some, but not many, and those that we
      > > agree on are minimal and may not touch on anything interesting.
      > >
      > > Or are "facts," in your view, the aspects of HJ that you are
      > > about, whether or not anyone else agrees?
      > > To enlighten us, what do you regard as "facts" about Jesus' life?
      > >
      > > Bob S.
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