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RE: [XTalk] the 'Nazareth stele' of Claudius

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  • David C. Hindley
    ... spelling for the object under discussion is stela or stele, but not steele. It grates on my nerves that the mis-spelling is being endlessly
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 26, 2002
      Bob Schacht bemoans:

      >>I have been waiting in vain for someone to point out that the proper
      spelling for the object under discussion is "stela" or "stele," but not
      "steele." It grates on my nerves that the mis-spelling is being endlessly

      Sorry, I usually do not attempt to correct the misspelled words in messages
      I backquote, because there are SO many, even in messages from the seasoned
      pros. Besides, it sometimes comes across as pedantic or a not-so-subtle
      criticism of the poster's attention to detail.

      Maybe Bill F. thought it was something like a "lamella" made of steel. <g>
      Then again, we may just have a "spell check" error (e.g., "stele" is
      flagged, with the suggestion "steel," which Bill hastily corrects by adding
      back the final "e" but omits to erase the extra "e" preceding the final
      consonant, and then clicked "update all") We've all done something like that
      ... and more than once!

      I might change the spelling of a word in the subject line if a reply to one
      of my messages seems to solicit dialogue, but so far neither Bill or anyone
      else has had much to say about its importance other than to note where the
      text and images of it can be found, or elected to take up my response to
      Bill's alternate question relating to the existence and location of copies
      of the "official" correspondence of government officials like Prefects,
      etc., specifically P. Pilatus.


      Dave Hindley
      Cleveland, Ohio, USA
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