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The Jesus Seminar and Jesus as Teacher

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  • brmcc2000
    1) In 1999 Polebridge published Robert Miller s The Jesus Seminar and its Critics Towards the end of ch 3, Understanding the Findings of the Jesus Seminar ,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2002
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      1) In 1999 Polebridge published Robert Miller's "The Jesus Seminar
      and its Critics"

      Towards the end of ch 3, 'Understanding the Findings of the Jesus
      Seminar', where he spells out the innumerable ambiguities of the
      process and votes, he writes:

      "This means that you cannot learn a great deal about a saying merely
      by knowing its color." p.59 and

      "If [readers] are hoping for a guaranteed list of things Jesus really
      said and did and things he really didn't say and do, they will be
      disappointed." p.60.

      2) The long-promised 'Profiles' of Jesus by Funk, Crossan, Borg and
      ten others are finally announced for next October. For me this will
      be the make-or-break moment for the JS. I am sure they will not only
      be different, but also of very unequal scholarly worth and insight,
      but perhaps one or another will deliver Steve Davies from his
      prolonged puzzlement.
      The only problem is that this publication has been delayed for years--
      for which I don't know the reason--and if the 'Profiles' no longer
      represent the positions of their authors adequately, I hope we will
      be told. (Of course I have heard one eminent member of the Seminar
      state that Funk's ideas about Jesus became fixed before the
      collective research began and were not changed by the process...

      Brian McCarthy
      Madison WI
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