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8594Re: [XTalk] Dating of GMark

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  • Brian Trafford
    Dec 1, 2001
      --- In crosstalk2@y..., "Richard Anderson" <randerson58@h...> wrote:

      > About 40 years ago N. Avigad wrote an article about a depository of
      > inscribed ossuaries found in the Kidron Valley in the Israel
      > Exploration Journal wherein he stated that the members of this
      > family belonged to the community of Cyrenian Jews known to have
      > existed in Jerusalem. One of the inscribed ossuaries stated
      > Alexander, son of Simon and Avigad indicated that J.T. Milik had
      > proposed that the tomb in question belonged to the family of
      > the man who helped Jesus carry the cross.
      > I think it is fair to say that these individuals are not legendary
      > characters but real historical figures who inscribed ossuaries
      > provide documentary evidence.

      Hello Richard, and thank you very much for this information. I am
      unfamiliar with this article, and was unaware of its existence. I
      did manage to find a brief reference to the paper in Raymond Brown's
      _Death of the Messiah_, Vol. 2, pg. 916, n. 12. Brown refers the
      reader to a German book by R. Pesche called _Markus_, but I do not
      read German. I would, of course, be very interested in any additional
      information on the characters Simon, or his sons.

      Thank you again,

      Brian Trafford
      Calgary, AB, Canada
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