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8593RE: [XTalk] Dating of GMark

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  • Richard Anderson
    Dec 2, 2001
      Mahlon, greetings:

      One point not made clear by my two earlier posts on the Avigad's article.
      The 11 ossuaries described by the article were all found within one chamber.
      Several of the ossuaries contained names which previously had only been
      found in Cyrenaica. Avigad concluded this chamber contained the ossuaries
      of related family members. It is this fact when considered in conjunction
      with the inscription containing Alexander, son of Simon that led the
      ultimate conclusion made by J.T. Milik.

      Richard H. Anderson
      Wallingford PA

      I am unfortunately a customer of Comcast with internet connection thru
      Excite.com, a subcontractor of Comcast who filed bankruptcy. I apologize
      in advance if my service is disconnected and your reply to me is bounced.
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