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8578Re: [XTalk] Dating of GMark

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  • Michael A. Turton
    Nov 30, 2001
      > >
      > >The answer is, of course: 100% likely. ...
      > This is nothing more than partisan hyperbole. How can we really judge this
      > likelihood without resorting to a priori convictions and biases? Yes,
      > there are many *plausible* scenarios involving invention, but how can we
      > really weigh their probability with any objectivity?
      > Bob

      Bob, we know that the gospels, canonical and extracanonical, attribute
      events and sayings to Jesus that are obvious inventions. It does not
      follow from that every word of the gospels is invented. Brian asked how
      likely it was that the gospel writers would invent/borrow things and
      attribute them to Jesus, and the answer is 100% likely, because we know
      it happened. The gospel writers made up stories and attributed them to
      Jesus, perhaps not every one.

      those who would give up a little freedom to gain a little order will
      lose both and deserve neither." Thomas Jefferson
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