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7508Re: [XTalk] Worries about Q (Luke's assessments)

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  • Ron Price
    Aug 1 12:19 AM
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      James Barlow wrote:

      >So the reputation Luke as a scholar aware of relative antiquity and
      >historical merit of his sources validates Markan accuracy in terms of
      >general chronological, geographical layout?

      No, I didn't mean that. I think Luke must have compared Mark and
      Matthew and correctly concluded that Mark was earlier and in general
      more reliable in passages where they overlap, and therefore better as a
      basis for his own account. But the relative judgement "more reliable"
      doesn't "validate Markan accuracy".

      > Do you think Luke regarded "Q" as earlier than Mark?

      I'm sure Luke would have regarded the 3ST-based sayings source (which
      I've called sQ) as earlier than Mark, because Mark was in Greek, whereas
      sQ (according to my hypothesis) was in Aramaic.

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