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  • Liz Fried
    Jul 2 11:27 AM
      > From: Bernard Muller

      > Liz Fried wrote:

      > Liz, you must be talking about Jewish years from March to March.
      I'm talking about Jewish years, September to September.

      > would be the Sabbatical year, 33-34 or 34-35?
      Assuming CE, the sabbatical year would be fall 33 to fall 34.

      > What would be the preceding Sabbatical year and, let's say, the next
      > three ones? What would be the next Jubilee year?
      I remember writing these all down, year by year, and counting them out.
      I'll let someone else do it now.

      > >
      > > We don't need to count Sabbatical years in Jesus' time from the
      > jubilees of
      > > the monarchal period. We have the sabbatical years of
      > Maccabees. We need to
      > > count from then.
      > What are your references on sabbatical years in Maccabees? Do you have
      > references in Maccabees of Jubilee years too? Where?
      This was worked out nicely by Lester Grabbe, in JBL about 5 years ago I
      If I have time I'll try to get out the article and see what his dates are.



      Lisbeth S. Fried
      Department of Hebrew and Judaic Studies
      New York University
      51 Washington Sq. S.
      New York, NY 10012

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