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  • Jim West
    Jul 1, 1999
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      At 09:49 AM 7/1/99 -0400, you wrote:
      >do have plenty of tablets which state that this sale will *not* revert back
      >to the original owner in the event of an anduarum.

      It is the little phrase "in the event of" which tells me that the event is
      not at all certain...

      My life insurance will not pay "in the event" that I take my own life.

      >It is these, not the
      >decrees, which convince us that it was a real occurrence in Mesopotamia.

      But the problem, as I see it, and I probably wont say any more about it, is
      that the event may never have arisen- making the whole concept mere paper

      >The tenth year of Zedekiah can be dated to 588-587. During this year there
      >was a general manumission of (Hebrew) slaves (albeit rescinded).

      Indeed- and anything rescinded was, for all practical purposes, not done.

      >It all may be simply coincidences, but it is suggestive, it seems to me. It
      >also makes sense that a siege by Sennacherib and a siege by Nebuchadnezzar
      >would both be during the time when there would be two fallow years in a row,
      >a sabbatical followed by a jubilee. Indeed, the extreme vulnerability of
      >the people during this time is one reason to forego the jubilee year.

      hmmm..... now one must wonder if the writers havent calculated as cleverly
      as you have and made the chronology fit for another reason. Anyway- we are
      now pretty far afield from the historical Jesus... so I will desist. I look
      forward to seeing the whole of your excursus in the Leviticus volume.
      I hope you will convince me. I want to be convinced that the poor people
      would actually experience such kindness--- I just dont think they did, do,
      or ever will.



      Jim West, ThD
      email- jwest@...
      web page- http://web.infoave.net/~jwest

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