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5477RE: [XTalk] James and the Ebionites

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  • Richard Anderson
    Dec 1, 2000
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      In response to Sakari Häkkinen:

      Michael Goulder in St. Paul v. St. Peter, A Tale of Two Missions said: "In
      time the Jerusalem church fell on evil days. They had to leave the city when
      the Jewish War came (66) and were not allowed to return after it was
      destroyed in 70. They were scattered to various centres in Syria and became
      knwon as the 'Ebionim, the Poor, a term oftern used in the Psalms for God's
      faithful, persecuted remnant. Epiphanius, Bishop of Salamis in Cypus about
      370, questioned some of them and asked them about their name; they replied
      that they were descended from the Jerusalem church. and their forebears had
      become poor by sharing their money in the days of Acts. Epiphanius a harsh
      and untruthful man himself though that they were lying: they were called
      Ebinities after their wicked first treacher Ebion (Panarion, 30.15.4). But
      we may think they were telling the truth: there never was such a persion as
      Ebion. end quote.

      Richard H. Anderson
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