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5168Re: [XTalk] Re: the jesus mysteries

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  • forrest curo
    Oct 3, 2000
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      Myth concerns relating in symbolic and imaginative language the
      >fundamental structures upon which a given culture rests, generally told in
      >terms of events from the earliest time, and dealing with mythic time which
      >is qualitatively different and discontinuous from ordinary, existential time
      >(so Eliade). It is hard to see how Jesus is "highly" mythologized under
      >that definition.

      I don't know about HIGHLY mythologized. But the cursing of the fig tree is
      certainly a mythic element. ie, It is highly symbolic (& relates what the
      Christians of the time saw as a fundamental structure of their situation vs
      the non-Christian Jews); furthermore it would be highly unlikely even as a
      miracle, since it would be utterly pointless had it occured in concrete
      reality, given that Jesus' action would serve no purpose aside from venting
      some rather unsaintly spite against some poor tree. It would also be
      somewhat uncharacteristic of someone whose other attributed miracles ran to

      Forrest Curo
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