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  • Jack Kilmon
    Apr 1, 2000
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      Bob Schacht wrote:
      > At 07:42 PM 03/31/00 , you wrote:
      > >...
      > >Oh, honestly! Surely Political Correctness does not require us to
      > >pretend that there are no physiognomic markers for stable,
      > >geographically identifiable ethnic groups! ...
      > Oh, honestly! Being "geographically identifiable" is useless. New York is
      > geographically identifiable, but is not exactly the kind of place to look
      > for stable ethnic groups. As for being "stable," please remember that
      > Palestine sits at the juncture of two continents, and at the time of Jesus
      > this crossroads was ruled by people from a third continent (Europe.) This
      > is just about the worst possible place (other than New York city, maybe) to
      > expect any kind of stable physiognomic markers to develop. Besides, you
      > have your terminology wrong. One of the few situations in which
      > physiognomic markers of ethnic groups have any hope of being identifiable
      > is where they are geographically *isolated,* not merely geographically
      > "identifiable," and as I have pointed out, Palestine is anything but
      > geographically isolated. It is not political correctness that requires us
      > to pretend anything, but thinking of physiognomic markers of Jews as being
      > stable that requires pretending quite a lot.

      Although all you say is true, you would not require geographical
      when there was social and religiously motivated sexual isolation. I
      know how valid ethnologist Carlton Coon's "Noble Semitic"
      are since I never read his paper on this, assuming there is one.


      taybutheh d'maran yeshua masheecha am kulkon

      Jack Kilmon


      sharing a meal for free.
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