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4201[XTalk] Re: The Miracle Maker

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  • Robert M. Schacht
    Mar 31, 2000
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      On Fri, 31 Mar 2000 21:42:15 -0500 Jim Crutchfield
      <jdcrutch@...> writes:
      > Oh, honestly! Surely Political Correctness does not require us to
      > pretend that there are no physiognomic markers for stable,
      > geographically identifiable ethnic groups! ...

      Oh, honestly! Being "geographically identifiable" is useless. New York
      is geographically identifiable, but is not exactly the kind of place to
      look for stable ethnic groups. As for being "stable," please remember
      that Palestine sits at the juncture of two continents, and at the time of
      Jesus this crossroads was ruled by people from a third continent
      (Europe.) This is just about the worst possible place (other than New
      York city, maybe) to expect any kind of stable physiognomic markers to
      develop. Besides, you have your terminology wrong. One of the few
      situations in which physiognomic markers of ethnic groups have any hope
      of being identifiable is where they are geographically *isolated,* not
      merely geographically "identifiable," and as I have pointed out,
      Palestine is anything but geographically isolated. It is not political
      correctness that requires us to pretend anything, but thinking of
      physiognomic markers of Jews as being stable that requires pretending
      quite a lot.

      Northern Arizona University
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