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368[Xtalk] Re: synedrion vs sanhedrin

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  • Lewis Reich
    Jun 4, 1999
      On 4 Jun 99, at 9:06, Mahlon H. Smith wrote:

      > Lewis Reich wrote:
      > >
      > > On 3 Jun 99, at 13:34, Mahlon H. Smith wrote:
      > >
      > > > Fact is, the principle of the Messiah that was prevalent back then in
      > > > Galilee and Judea was quite as politically and ethically fraught as the
      > > > concept of the Fuhrerprinzip has been during our own lifetimes. One
      > > > Messiah is worth a million murders.
      > >
      > Correction, Lewis. I did not "write" this. I was merely mechanically
      > forwarding to list a note from Austin Meredith who has been temporarily
      > silenced by a change in his school's e-mail policy.

      My apologies, Mahlon, for being careless with my"reply" attribution.

      Lewis Reich

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