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360[Xtalk] Re: Messianic Consciousness (was: synedrion vs sanhedrin)

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  • Lewis Reich
    Jun 3, 1999
      On 3 Jun 99, at 16:06, Mark Goodacre wrote:

      > What we then need to ask is: might Jesus' healing activity have
      > proceeded from a "messianic consciousness"? Surely the answer here
      > is yes, it might well have done.

      Surely the answer is also, it might well not have. Why should healing activity imply messianic consciousness.

      > After all, a Jew in the first century who went around healing and
      > evangelising the poor might remind his fellow Jews of cherished Scriptures
      > that connected anointing with healing and evangelism, Scriptures like
      > Isaiah 61. Indeed they might have thought: how could one heal without
      > being anointed by God to do so?

      Hanina ben Dosa apparently performed such healings in the first
      century, and no one apparently felt he'd been anointed by God to do
      so, certainly not in the literal sense of anointed which I assume
      we're using here.

      > I think that one of the problems here is the old one of the loaded terms
      > "Messiah" and "Christ". When we start talking instead about "anointing",
      > we can ask whether or not Jesus might have thought himself to be
      > "anointed" by God. And my bet is yes -- it is highly likely that Jesus
      > thought of himself as one anointed by God for a special purpose -- his
      > actions seem to demonstrate this. If, however, one wants to call this
      > "messianic consciousness", so be it.

      My problem with this is that it seems to try to make "anointed" a
      synonym for "selected" or "chosen". While it may have those
      connotations in modern English, it remains to be shown that it did in
      first century Aramaic or Hebrew in Judea.

      Lewis Reich

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