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2756[XTalk] Re: Who was apocalyptic?

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  • Antonio Jerez
    Oct 7, 1999
      Bill Arnal wrote:

      > At 08:14 PM 10/5/99 +0200, Antonio Jerez wrote:
      > >Again you are reading things into the text that are not actually there. Jesus
      > >does not tell Martha that there isn't going to be a future general
      > >resurrection.
      > >The only thing Jesus "corrects", and quite promptly, is Marthas
      > >misunderstanding
      > >of his words in v.23, "Your brother will rise again". Martha naturally
      > believes >that
      > >this refers to the general resurrection. Whereby Jesus promptly shows her that
      > >his Father has already given him the necessary powers to raise the dead already
      > >in the here and now. The author is not correcting a faulty view about the
      > >general
      > >resurrection - just complementing it again.

      > Compare the form of the dialogue with Nicodemus in ch.3, and other similar
      > exchanges.

      Take a look again at the CONTENT of the passage instead. Besides, almost
      any passage in GJohn is written in dialogue form.

      Best wishes

      Antonio Jerez
      Göteborg, Sweden
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