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24193Re: [XTalk] Paul and James

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  • Ronald Price
    Apr 25, 2014
      Richard Fellows wrote:

      > Hegesippus inadvertently provides evidence that there was no rift between Paul
      > and James. He was a big admirer of James (see Eusebius EH 2.23.3-7) .....


      The testimony of Eusebius that Hegesippus "lived immediately after the
      apostles" is hopelessly incorrect if the date I have found on the internet
      for the his birth (110 CE) is to be believed. This date has Hegesippus born
      40 or 50 years after the death of the apostles. By my reckoning this makes
      his writings at least 30 years after Acts, which I take to have been written
      ca. 100 CE. I can see no reason to trust the testimony of Hegesippus if it
      contradicts what we can deduce from Galatians, Mark and Acts.

      Ron Price,

      Derbyshire, UK

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