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24188Re: [XTalk] Paul's list of previous appearances of the risen Jesus

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  • Jeff Peterson
    Apr 23, 2014
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      1) Margaret Mitchell has ably demonstrated the argumentative unity of 1 Cor in Paul and the Rhetoric of Reconciliation.

      2) In estimating risk, I think you underestimate Paul's concern to maintain good relations with the churches that he founded.

      3) Gal 2:12 is a thin reed on which to reconstruct "James the arch-rival of Paul," especially when counterbalanced with 2:6–10.


      On Wed, Apr 23, 2014 at 10:12 AM, Ronald Price <ron-price@...> wrote:

      Jeff Peterson wrote:

      One chapter after listing the witnesses (including Cephas, who was either personally known to the Corinthians or whom they had considered initiating contact with, per Nils Dahl's interpretation of 1:12), Paul invites representatives of the Corinthian assembly to convey their alms to the Jerusalem church, with or without Paul accompanying them, a decision he leaves to their discretion.


      If Paul made this invitation immediately after writing about the risen Jesus experiences of the twelve et. al. ("One chapter after ..."), then you would have quite a good point. However I have long considered ch. 15 to be part of 'Letter A' as opposed to the main 'Letter B'. The latter was probably written a year or two after the former, and by this time he probably had other things on his mind. Anyway I would argue that the risk of anyone challenging Paul's list in 15:5-7 was tiny compared with the other risks involved in taking a substantial sum of money on a long journey to the domain of his arch-rival James.

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