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24185RE: [XTalk] Paul's list of previous appearances of the risen Jesus

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  • Ken Olson
    Apr 23, 2014
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      I would add to Jeff's argument that I do not think that "Paul was desperate to find support for his assertion that Jesus had risen from the dead." He is presuming in 15.1-2, and 11, that the Corinthians accept Jesus' resurrection as a fact and reminding them of the tradition that that they have previously accepted in 15.3-8. What is in doubt among some of the the Corinthians is whether there will be a general resurrection of the dead. Paul is arguing from the specific to the general, that the general resurrection will be in character like Jesus' resurrection, and therefore they must accept the general resurrection of the dead on the basis of their acceptance of Jesus' resurrection from the dead (v. 12, 16, 20). 

      in all probability (and according to many commentators) what the doubters among the Corinthians balked at was not the idea of an an afterlife or the immortality of the soul, which were commonly accepted among the Greeks, but the idea that such immortality would involve a "standing up of corpses." This necessitates Paul's further discussion of the nature of the resurrection body in vv. 35-50. Paul seems to be tacitly granting the premise that the idea of a "resurrection of the dead" (or "upstanding of corpses") would be ridiculous if the risen body were identical to the dead corpse, but it it not. The resurrected body is a transformed body, not simply a re-animated corpse. So basically he is arguing that they will rise is transformed bodies as Jesus rose in a transformed body.



      Ken Olson
      Ph.D. Candidate
      Duke University

      Jeff Peterson wrote:



       >>This is a rash thing to do if Paul isn't sure that the story he has told them from the founding of their community and which he recalls at the opening of chap. 15 will be corroborated by any believer in Jesus they might talk to when visiting Jerusalem.<<

      In response to Ron Clark writing:


      >>As I see it, in 1 Cor 15 Paul was desperate to find support for his assertion that Jesus had risen from the dead. What better way of doing this than to claim that many people (some of whom were well-known) had actually seen the risen Jesus? It seems unlikely that any member of the Corinthian church who heard the letter read out would be able to contradict Paul.<<

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