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  • David Hindley
    Nov 2, 2013
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      As this is off-topic, but still relevant, let me end this with a referral to a web article that seems to explain what could have happened when you receive an e-mail from someone you "know" but it isn't so.


      It seems that there is a difference between "hacked" and "spoofed." However, take a look at the circumstances by which accounts are actually hacked (the computer of the person whose name appears in the "from" line is compromised and actually sending the message) or names spoofed (the e-mail address in the "from" line was obtained from an entirely different person's computer and made to look as though it was sent by them).

      Lax vigilance by the owner is the way that *a* computer is hacked, but *your* address can be spoofed in a bad e-mail without you having done anything wrong at all. It's the rush to judgment that bothers me.

      Happy computing.

      Dave Hindley
      PS: Thanks for your patience with this thread Jeffrey!

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      Fair enough, but when messages come through to this list, and at least one other that I know of, the greater likelihood, as Jeffrey has said, is that Darrell's Yahoo e-mail account has been hacked. Yahoo has a particularly bad track record in this and should be doing more to rectify matters. I have seen multiple examples of this on Yahoo lists.

      Best Wishes

      John E Staton (BA Sheffield, Dip Theol Bristol)
      Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK
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