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24139RE: [XTalk] Bob Schacht

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  • Stephen Goranson
    Jan 2, 2013
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      Yes, Bob Schacht was a good virtual neighbor.

      Stephen Goranson
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      This is indeed very sad news. Several of us were lucky enough to meet him
      at one of the SBLs, but it's his online presence that made him unique. I
      think that Bob somehow just "got" the e-list, and especially Xtalk. He
      understood it as a medium better than any of us, and he pioneered the
      thoughtful, probing e-list post. He was always eager to learn, but at the
      same time he could get to the heart of the matter pretty quickly. He
      understood that good academic conversation is about listening and
      attempting to understand others' views and, where necessary, going away and
      doing more research rather than grand-standing and pontificating. I wish
      there were more like him. We're worse off without Bob.

      Mark Goodacre
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