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  • William Arnal
    Jan 1, 2013
      Hi everyone (cross posted to crosstalk and gthomas):

      I hate to begin your year with bad news, but I discovered last night that our very own Bob Schacht has passed away. I do not know the precise details, but my impression is that it was at home, and relatively sudden.

      I think this is a great loss to all of us. Bob has been a HUGE on-line presence since the very beginning of crosstalk -- which means some of us have been talking to him about Christian origins for almost twenty years. Always civil, clear, on point, and firm in his arguments, and indefatigable in his commitment to conversation on these lists. I do not think I ever met Bob face to face in all this time, so for me, at least, this has been a relationship undertaken completely on-line, first via email lists, then facebook as well. Yet I find myself feeling like Bob was a friend of long-standing and substance, and I think my life, at least, is and will be diminished by his absence.

      best regards, all,
      William Arnal
      University of Regina

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