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24091RE: [XTalk] Re: Easter Greeting

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  • Bob Schacht
    Apr 9, 2012
      At 07:20 AM 4/9/2012, Matson, Mark (Academic) wrote:
      >Yes, John has it right I think. This is meant to be a summary of
      >"proclamation of the word", (by which I think Luke means activity of
      >Jesus' ministry -- not so much his preaching as the totality of his
      >ministry is "the good news of peace / the message (rhma)), which
      >began after John's baptism in Galilee and proceeded to the "entire
      >region of Judea".

      Yes, I think you & John are right; I was conflating the spread of the
      good news during Jesus' lifetime with what happened after his
      ascension. That is a helpful distinction, and I'm sorry that I missed it.

      > Here Judea I think might mean the area inhabited by the "jews"
      > (just like John has Ioudaioi in outside of Judea as well).

      I was thinking of this as well. But was John really referring to Jews
      in general, or was he sometimes quite intentionally restricting his
      focus to the inhabitants of the Roman province of Judea? This is an
      important distinction, because understanding Ioudaioi everywhere in
      GJohn as Jews in general, rather than inhabitants of Judea, has been
      the basis of Christian Jew-bashing for centuries. But I suppose this
      takes us beyond the scope of this list.

      > So it is somewhat of a synechdoche, thus the "whole of Judea" is
      > simply a figure of speech.
      >I am interested in the way Luke tells the story in a way that seems
      >to implicate John's emphasis on Judea, another John-Luke point in
      >common. Of course Luke's travel narrative has no specific
      >geographical points, and might be assumed by Luke to include "all of Judea".

      An interesting point. Thanks.

      Bob Schacht
      Northern Arizona University

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