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24085Re: [XTalk] Easter Greeting

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  • Bob Schacht
    Apr 8, 2012
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      At 09:50 AM 4/8/2012, John E Staton wrote:
      >A happy Easter to all listmembers.

      This morning, one of the readings was from Acts 10:34-43, which
      portrays Peter saying, "That message spread throughout Judea[!],
      beginning in Galilee[!] after the baptism that John announced..."

      Does that strike anyone else as odd? I thought I had recalled that
      Luke/Acts said that the ripples emanated from Jerusalem. But even
      more, saying that the message began in Galilee and spread throughout
      Judea makes it sound like Galilee is in Judea. Also, John's baptism
      is not connected with Jesus, but with an announcement. And I'm not
      sure I understand the "spreading throughout Judea" thing. The Gospels
      don't seem to spend much time on that-- or what am I forgetting?

      Happy Easter,
      Bob Schacht
      Northern Arizona University

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