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24066RE: [XTalk] Judas and the sicarii ?

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  • Matson, Mark (Academic)
    Feb 10 8:16 AM
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      A quick check of TLG using search string "sikar" found extensive use by Josephus (AJ and BJ), and then Acts 21:38, and then by church historians and fathers (Eusebius, Origen, Chrysostom, etc...).

      Earlier than Josephus (and after in secular Greek authors) the string returned primarily wlesikarpos.... where the search string is buried in the middle of this word...

      Doesn't appear to have been much used outside of Josephus and later fathers, and always to mean assassin.

      Mark A. Matson
      Milligan College, TN
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      Subject: RE: [XTalk] Judas and the sicarii ?

      Sicarius was used in latin to refer to an assassin
      (sica being a curved dagger). The term was used
      in latin at least as early as Cicero, so 1st C BCE.
      It appears in Greek in Acts 21.38 and in Josephus
      with reference to the troubles in the time of Felix
      and Festus i.e. after 52 CE, around 20 years or so
      after the demise of Judas.

      Does anyone have to hand the earliest instance of
      the use of this latin loan word in Greek? Does someone
      have a pre-Neronian example? That would seem to be
      a relevant piece of evidence which might either support
      or tend to disconfirm some of the assumptions behind
      the discussion.

      David M.

      David Mealand, University of Edinburgh

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