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23843oops Re: [XTalk] Junk from LinkedIn

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  • Bob Schacht
    Jul 3, 2011
      At 06:58 AM 7/3/2011, David Mealand wrote:

      >It would appear that LinkedIn is now
      >sending automated messages on behalf of
      >its users (and I suspect without their
      >knowledge or direct permission) to whole
      >organizations as well as to individuals.
      >Best to zap anything from this outfit unread
      >by using a filter.

      Sorry, my bad. LinkedIn has a feature where you can invite people to
      join using your own address list(?), but I didn't realize that it
      would send such notices to email groups like this. In fact, I'm not
      even sure how it found this address. My apologies.

      Bob in AZ

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