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23470Campbell on the "we passages"

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  • Richard Fellows
    Sep 14, 2010
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      William Campbell has a very interesting piece in JBL, in which he
      analyzes the styles of self-designation by Josephus, Polybius and
      Thucydides. I have reviewed his article here:


      I use Campbell's data to argue that the author of Acts was present
      with Paul before the "We passages" as well as during them. Campbell
      himself seems to have overlooked this possibility and comes to a very
      different conclusion.

      Let me know what you think.

      Richard Fellows

      Kenneth Litwak wrote:

      > I hadn't been following this discussion so I'm sorry to be posting
      > "late." I'd agree with Richard's assessment generally. I need to
      > read Robbins' essay but I'm familiar with MacDonald (I was at an SBL
      > session on Acts where Alexander, MacDonald, and Penner all presented
      > and found MacDonald's thesis far from demonstrated--and open to the
      > same criticisms as raised by Karl Olav Sandnes in his 2005 JBL
      > article on MacDonald's method),
      > It seems to me that "we passages" do not indicate historigraphy
      > or fiction on their own, but I'm not convinced that they affirm
      > nothing about the narrator's participation but could mean either
      > presence or absence.

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