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  • Dennis Goffin
    Jul 4 5:53 AM
      Reading Paul's speech to the Athenians, I was struck by his repetition of the identical statement made by Stephen that God " does not live in houses (shrines) made by human hands ". I can't help feeling that this was at the heart of the outrage caused to traditional Jews by the Jesus sect. It ties in too, with the strange accusation made against Jesus that he "will build another (temple), not made with hands" (Mk. 14:58). The whole idea echoes Enoch 90: 28/9, as well as Rev.21:2 and Ezekiel 40/48. The DSS also have a lot on the subject dating from the turn of the era. The prophets had downplayed the relative importance of the Temple cult in comparison with right living and Jesus, echoing their message suffered the same fate as theirs. The beneficiaries of the status quo in Jerusalem did not welcome this boat-rocking message and decided to shoot the messenger.

      Or so it seems to me.

      Dennis Goffin

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