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22763Re: Social Healing, Movement Constitution and Titling

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  • RSBrenchley@aol.com
    Aug 5, 2008
      In a message dated 04/08/2008 11:04:13 GMT Daylight Time,
      crosstalk2@yahoogroups.com writes:

      <<I appreciate this point. With Vespasian and I believe they run up
      thru Domitian there were a whole series of coins that declared: Judea
      Capta. That one denarius of Vespasian where a Jewess mourning under
      a Roman trophy is truly haunting. But then according to Meshorer and
      Hendin, Agrippa II also minted bronze coins that declared the same.
      To say the least the Gospel writers provided a very spirited response
      with their narratives of Jesus Christ, son of God.

      Gordon Raynal
      Inman, SC>>

      Agrippa certainly minted coins celebrating the 'victory' of the various
      Flavian emperors. He supported the campaign against the Jewish rebels throughout,
      but he never explicitly mentions the Judean campaign on his coinage. Since
      Vespasian and his sons (Domitian may well have been involved somehow in a
      support capacity) fought two campaigns, one in Judea, the other to seize power in
      Rome, I personally think the 'Judea Capta' thing is often taken too far, and
      the term should be restricted to those coins which explicitly mention Judea.


      Robert Brenchley

      Birmingham UK

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